Travel by plane
Cheap air tickets

Travel by plane

Travel to exotic destinations usually involves flying - the fastest and yet safest method of transport. It is, however, often very expensive. On the Victoria Holiday Club platform you will find thousands of flight offers from over 950 airlines, including low-cost ones, in one place online. Create your own flight itinerary to enjoy significant savings.

Search for the cheapest air tickets

After choosing the destination through a simple search for air tickets, you enter your requirements for the flight, which must correspond to the accommodation reservation. The flight selection is very important as it can significantly influence not only the price of the whole holiday but also your valuable time spent getting to your destination. E.g. you can fly to Denpasar airport in Bali from Prague, London or Vienna. Yet the question is how much time you will be spending travelling and for what price. You can arrange an air ticket from Prague with a single transfer for around CZK 19,000 and you will spend around twelve hours travelling. Yet you can arrange an air ticket from London, where you can fly to every day on a low-cost airline for CZK 1,500, for around CZK 10,000. So you can save on a single air ticket by selecting a different route, but might have to spend more time travelling. Plan the route that suits you best.


Weekend on the Riviera

Finishing work on a Friday afternoon and deciding to spend the weekend abroad is no problem with the Victoria Holiday Club platform. Simply choose where, let the platform select the best offers, and you will be enjoying the sunset e.g. on the French Riviera.