Hotel accommodation with a discount
hotel discount

Hotel accommodation with a discount

Many people cannot imagine their dream holiday without enjoying comprehensive hotel or resort facilities for the whole duration. To have the option, at any time, of visiting a restaurant, playing sport in their free time or simply relaxing by the pool in a single place, and this is understandably the reason why they choose a hotel or resort for their accommodation. The hotel staff are always ready to make the holiday as stress-free and pleasant as possible through a willing approach. Staying at a hotel or resort enables people to perfectly match their desire for experiences and relaxation in one.

Private accommodation

People who on the contrary try to avoid hotels and prefer more private accommodation can also find what they are looking for in the extensive VICTORIA Holiday Club platform offer. They can also choose from thousands of villas, bungalows and houses right on the beach or away from civilisation, where the excitement of the exotic is enhanced precisely because they enjoy it almost alone.

Sightseeing tours

There are more and more enthusiasts who like travelling from place to place and discovering new cultures. This method of travel is supported through the continuous opening of new hostels, the development of low-cost airlines and the rising standard of life around the world. The VICTORIA Holiday Club platform is, thanks to its diverse offer and 24/7 online availability, also an ideal solution for this style of travel. It makes it possible to flexibly choose a programme and experiences anywhere around the world.

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Special weekly stays

This exclusive offer of special weekly stays is new and something that Czech clients have probably not seen before. The Victoria Holiday Club platform offer includes over 1,000,000 destinations contracted directly with owners of apartments, rooms or holiday homes from all over the world. These weeks can be ordered at unrivalled prices not influenced by the number of clients but only by the size of the apartment. This means two people can spend a week e.g. in a luxurious hotel apartment in the Bahamas for USD 199. There are also many offers with four, six, eight, or even twelve people accommodated for the same price. Simply purchase the air ticket and you will enjoy fantastic destinations for the lowest possible prices.

Discounts on reservations

The VICTORIA Holiday Club platform offers over 1,000,000 accommodation options all over the world and for the best prices online. This is possible thanks to the direct link between the service provider and the end client through the online platform without a broker. Each provider has a clear interest in achieving the maximum possible occupancy and hence it is better for them to offer accommodation at a discounted price than have vacant spaces at any given date. Each such offer is immediately displayed online to our members who, thanks to a wide range of search filters and tools, can use the platform in a guided and intuitive way to obtain their travel discounts.