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discounts on Bali
victoria holiday club

Joo lives in Bali and owns his own hotel with three rooms that he leases for 100 rupees a day. Two rooms are always occupied, the third only sometimes. Joo realises it would be better to lease this room at least for 25 rupees a day than not lease it at all. So he puts a discount of 75% on it. Nevertheless, this room is offered for 100 rupees everywhere else.
Everywhere, that is, except on the Victoria Holiday Club platform.

  • The platform helps Joo lease the room in his hotel at least for 25%.
  • The VHC platform publishes offers from thousands of hotels like this daily.
  • You can find over 1,000,000 destinations for special weekly stays at unique prices.
  • Victoria Holiday Club shares information on discounts for over 600,000 hotels and 950 airlines whose planes are not always full.
  • Discounts are waiting for you on cruises, car hire and many other tourism products.